Zurich: A new delegation emerges

On 8 March 2019, for the first time friars and interested persons of the future delegation Liechtenstein/Switzerland/Vorarlberg and Alsace met in Zurich. The organizer, friar Dr. Michael Nueber, was particularly pleased about the visit of our specially arrived, highly esteemed Procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele, who, after an impulse-statement in which he placed the values and goals of our Order in today’s social context, had stimulating conversations with the friars and guests from the region until late in the evening.

The atmosphere among the friars and interested people was very good, which is why most of them will also travel to the Order Convention in Budapest. It is nice to see that our Order is also gaining a foothold in this region which is so historically interesting for the ore house.