Panel discussion

2020 – A year between the priorities of protecting health and defending freedom

Attempt of an initial assessment

Under the direction of journalist and TV presenter Jürgen Peindl, the podium guests present their perspectives on the topics of freedom, economy, media, centralism and the armed forces in connection with this challenging year 2020. Because this exceptional year will undoubtedly have an effect for a long time, and will keep us all busy and demanding.

Panel guests:

  • SKKH Karl von Habsburg, Grand Master of the Order of St. Georg
  • Gerald Grosz, contentious publicist and entrepreneur
  • Mag. Gerald Grünberger, Managing Director of the Association of Austrian Newspapers
  • Christoph Haselmayer, Pollster and policy expert
  • Dr. Barbara Kolm, Vice-President of the Austrian National Bank and President of the Hayek Institute
  • Oberst dG Jürgen Schlechter, Commander of the NBC defense forces of the Austrian Armed Forces
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Steininger, Virologist and infectiologist at the AKH and MedUni Vienna

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