Meeting with the former President of the Republic of Slovenia
On 13 September 2023 a meeting with the former President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, took place at the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana.
Habsburg Heritage
On 8 September 2023, the internationally oriented event of the Dutch Commandery was opened with a warm welcome by Commander Teunis Louters and Vice Chancellor Michael Blaha, MSc, at the Hotel Karel V in Utrecht.
EU vs. non-European forms of cooperation
At the invitation of Order Knight Mag. Erich L. Schreiner, a meeting of the Commandery Niederösterreich-Heldenberg took place in Krems on Saturday, 9 September 2023.
Late Summer Cocktail of the Viennese Commanderies
On 30 August 2023, once again more than 100 Dames and Knights of the Order as well as guests accepted the invitation of the four Viennese Commanderies.
History and stories from Lower Austrian politics
On 25 August 2023, the former President of the Provincial Parliament Hans Penz gave interesting insights behind the scenes of provincial politics.
Reading recommendation
Our Procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele has written a guest article on chivalry in the 21st century in “Die Tagespost”.
Summer party of the Viennese Commanderies
The summer party of the four Viennese Commanderies was once again one of the highlights of our Order life on 6 July 2023.
Commandery event at Chateau Niměřice
On 28 June 2023, the Commandery Tschechien invited to the Chateau Niměřice, for lectures around the annual theme “Security through unity” and the ceremonial admission of the chateau to the Via Habsburg.
The disrupted society…
…was the focus of a high-profile enquete entitled “Insecurity through disunity – looking at a polarised society” on 23 June 2023 in Lilienfeld Abbey.
5th edition of the St. George’s Regatta
From June 10 to 13, 2023, members and friends of our order met again at our sailing regatta.
Changing media landscape
On 13 June 2023 Mag. Gerald Grünberger gave highly interesting insights into the far-reaching changes in the national and international media landscapes.
Commandery meeting in Trausdorf
On 31 May 2023, a meeting of the Commandery Burgenland took place at the “Oleander” wine tavern in Trausdorf an der Wulka.
It´s progressing in Serbia!
The members of the Commandery Serbien had the pleasure to host the Procurator of our Order, Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele, on the meeting held on 25 May 2023 in Belgrade.
Social Values, Military Strength and Christian Concepts of Engagement
On 23 May 2023 a symposium with our Grandmaster’s theme of the year “Security through Unity” as a guiding theme was organized once again in Den Bosch.
Quick help is double help
On 13 May 2023, our Procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele and Knight of the Order Dir. Günter Bergauer presented the Venerable Mother Superior Sr Maria Gratia Baier with a donation cheque for € 20,000.
Working meeting
On 4 May 2023, Abbot Pius Maurer OCist welcomed our Procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele and Vice Chancellor Graf Marcus Paar at the venerable Lilienfeld Abbey for a working meeting.
Prayer procession in Den Bosch
Like last year, also in 2023 a Dutch delegation of Knights of the Order of St. Georg participated in the prayer procession with the statue of Our Lady Mary in Den Bosch in The Netherlands, which took place on 30 April.
“Conclusio mensis” in Lower Austria
Commander Bernhard Wagner invited to a new event format in Lower Austria in the residence of the Commandery Niederösterreich – Heldenberg on 28 April 2023.
The Order Convent 2023 – imperial weather and an imperial atmosphere
On 21 and 22 April 2023, the annual big Order Convent took place in the former imperial, capital and royal seat of Vienna.
Autarky, blackout and precaution
Under this title, Vice Commander Brigadier Mag. Wolfgang Spalj, as project leader for this topic area in the Austrian Armed Forces, gave an overview of the current state of development on 25 April 2023.
Impressions of the Order Convent in Vienna
Find here impression of the various programme points around the Order Convent on 22 April 2023.
40 years of Zita lime tree
On 23 April 2023, the Order of St. George accepted an invitation from the Old Austrian Landsmannschaften (VLÖ) to attend the opening of the season at the Südmährerhof in the Niedersulz Museum Village.
1998 – 2023: 25 years of open border at Brenner Pass
The Commandery Europaregion Tirol participated with a delegation in the celebrations of the anniversary of the fall of the border bars on 1 April 2023.
Gender – Farewell to reason
This was the title of a lecture given by Order Dame Mag. Eva Demmerle at the Order Academy on 29 March 2023.
The timeless fascination that emanates from Emperor Karl I…
…became clear once again during the presentation of the book “ULTIMO – Austria’s Last Emperor in the Transition from Monarchy to Republic” on 28 March 2023.
Messages for the Easter season
Once again this year, our Spiritual Council provides the following Easter messages for all Dames and Knights of the Order who are unable to attend Mass in church during the Easter season.
Unity is the art of freedom
On 27 March 2023, a joint Commandery meeting of the Commanderies Wien-Schönbrunn and Burgenland took place at the Order’s residence.
Meeting of the Croatian commanderies
On Friday, March 23, the Procurator of the Order of St. Georg, Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele, visited Zagreb and met with representatives of all Croatian Commanderies.
Spring pilgrimage in Nepomuk
On Sunday, 19 March 2023 in the old Czech pilgrimage site Nepomuk, took place pilgrimage Holy Mass in the church of St. John of Nepomuk.
Cadre seminar of the Order of St. George
In March 2023, the first cadre seminar of the Order of St. George took place in the beautiful Szidonia Castle Hotel in Hungary.
Meeting in Belgrade
On invitation of Commander Dr. Goran Petrusich members of the Commandery Serbien held a meeting in Belgrade on 15 March 2023.
Political extremism – how big is the danger for Austria and Europe?
This question was addressed by former Federal Minister Herbert Scheibner in a well-attended lecture on 14 March 2023.
First Commandery meeting
The newly established Commandery Kroatien-Istrien held its first Commandery meeting in Rijeka on 10 March 2023, in the baroque Modello Palace.
Biography and winery presentation
At the Commandery event on 7 March 2023, both the biography of our Honorary Knight retired State Secretary Univ. Dr. Reinhart Waneck as well as the Habsburg Winery were presented.
Admittance of the Speyer Cathedral to the Via Habsburg
On 4 March 2023, our Procurator Baron Vinzenz von Stimpfl-Abele had the honour of officially admitting Speyer Cathedral to the Via Habsburg.
Let’s go to Speyer!
This is what the Commandery Wiesbaden/Nassau said to itself on 3 March 2023 and held a Commandery meeting in this historically important city on the evening before the ceremony to mark the Kaiserdom’s admittance to the Via Habsburg.
Security, Unity, Freedom
These terms were the focus of the meeting of the Commandery Slowenien, which took place on March 2, 2023 in the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana.
Challenges of the Economy in 2023 and beyond
The Business Circle of the Order of St. George invited to a high-quality lecture by Dr. Barbara Kolm on February 28, 2023.
Symposium in Slovenia – to read and to watch
For the symposium in Slovenia in November 2022, the organizing Commandery has now also professionally prepared the lectures.
At the heart of Austrian democracy
On 13 February 2023, a large group of Dames and Knights of the Order of St. George visited the newly renovated Parliament in Vienna.
Epiphany Reception 2023
On 20 January 2023, the annual Epiphany reception of the Commandery Niederösterreich-Heldenberg took place in the dignified ambience of the historic town hall in Korneuburg.
“International Perspectives in the 21st Century – Law, Politics, Society”
On 18 January 2023, a book presentation was held within the Commandery Meeting of the Viennese Commanderies
Deutliche Worte fand Großmeister Karl von Habsburg am 11. Jänner 2023 im Rahmen seiner Rede zur Zukunft Europas, die heuer auf besonders großes Interesse stieß.