Support for "MOKI - Mobile Kinderkrankenpflege"

The Committee of the Ladies of the Order of St. George decided in February 2022, at the request of our Dame of Honour, HIRH Camilla von Habsburg, to make a donation of EUR 1,500 to the MOKI Association.

MOKI-Vienna Mobile Children’s Nursing has been doing good work in Vienna since 1999 in medical home nursing, care, counselling and accompaniment of premature babies, children and adolescents with severe disabilities, chronic and/or life-shortening illnesses, as well as their families, at home, in kindergarten, at school and in after-school care. Professional paediatric nursing by specially trained and further educated qualified health and nursing staff (paediatric and adolescent nursing) and competent support are the hallmarks of this association.

Parents and siblings of children and adolescents who are mainly cared for at home are caring and co-caring relatives with very special challenges. In many cases, they are involved in the care and supervision of their child around the clock, often for years. Some children’s rooms have to be set up as intensive care units. Professional paediatric home nursing relieves these families by the hour and allows time off for normal everyday activities. Depending on the diagnosis and the care requirements, the team leader puts together the future care team for the new client. The primary caregiver makes the first home visit and gets the process started. If necessary, cooperation with the children’s hospice NETZ or the MOMO children’s palliative team is established.

The symbolic donation cheque was handed over by our Dame of Honour HIRH Camilla von Habsburg in the park at MOKI’s office in 1100 Vienna on March 23, 2022. Below are the pictures of the cheque handover, the symbolic cheque and the letter of thanks from MOKI.

Donation account: MOKI-Wien
IBAN: AT08 2011 1827 3507 7200