Donation handover Karlovac

The dames of the Order of St. George financially support the kindergarten Cetiri Rijeke in Karlovac with the establishment of a Montessori group and the children’s home / orphanage Vladimir Nazor for the completion of the project “Music Room”. Mag. Marjana Tomicic, President of the Karlovac City Council and Bmgst Damir Mandich invited us as guests of honor to the big city festival on July 13, 2018 in Karlovac.

At the beginning we celebrated Holy Mass with the Zagreb Auxiliary Bishop / Msgr. Ivan Sasko in the church “Crkva Presvetog Trojstva” (Church of the Holy Trinity). At the reception in the town hall by Mayor Damir Mandic, President of the City Council Mag. Marina Tomicic, and Mag. Vlatko Kovacic (Head of the City Administration), the donations from the ladies of the Order of St. George were handed over to the director of the kindergarten and the children’s home.

Present: Honorary Procurator Dr. Norbert Baron van Handel, President of the ladies Elisabeth Baronin van Handel, Executive President Anneliese Hofstätter, Secretary General Mirjana Bosanac, Vice Chancellor Helmut M.J. Hofstätter, Vice Commander Nenad Bosanac and Knight Damir.

Little Monika was given a guitar as a musical gift. Mayor Damir Mandic thanked the guests from Austria who were present for their support and emphasized the relationship between Karlovac and the House of Habsburg-Lothringen.

Honorary Procurator Dr. Norbert Baron van Handel brought the greetings from H.k.k.H Karl Habsburg – Lothringen and the Minister of Infrastructure, Ing.Norbert Hofer. After the EU Presidency there will be further talks on infrastructure. The building of a common Central Europe in the European Union was welcomed by the city government and the necessity underlined.

Vice Chancellor Helmut M.J. Hofstätter invited Mayor Damir Mandic and President Marina Tomicic to visit Graz. A meeting with Bgmst Mag. Siegfried Nagl and representatives of the city is planned. The reception of the Order of St. George by the mayor of Karlovac was reported extensively in the regional TV news.

When we visited the kindergarten Cetiri rijeke and the children’s home / orphanage Vladimir Nazor the next day, we were able to convince ourselves of the investments made in our donations. We were received in these two institutions with great joy and warmth and are convinced that the basis for further contacts has been laid. As a gift, we received from the director of the children’s home a beautiful picture with a view of Karlovac, which came from the artist’s workshop – “Artists paint with children” and was made by children from the Vladimir Nazor home.

The social commitment of the dames of the Order of St. George made it possible for the knights of the Order of St. George in Karlovac to create the basis for further joint cooperation and contacts with the personalities of the city. We will definitely implement further projects in Karlovac, and on our next visit we will also visit the museum in the Church of the Holy Trinity.