Covid times - what about the press (freedom) in our country?

At the beginning of autumn on September 19, 2020, knight of the Order Dr. Johannes Neuhofer invited to his square courtyard in Naarn at Machland. The extensive complex, in its origins from the 17th century, is located next to the once much-visited pilgrimage church Maria Laab, a stopover for pilgrims from Bohemia on their way to Mariazell to the Magna Mater Austriae.

The focus of the commandry meeting was the keynote speech by the editor-in-chief of the Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, Mag. Gerald Mandlbauer, who, with 17 years of experience as editor-in-chief of this regional daily newspaper, addressed the topic of “Covid times – what about the press (freedom) in the country? The weighty role of editor-in-chief and commentator“.

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