300th anniversary of the founding of the Free Port of Trieste by Emperor Charles VI.

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Free Port of Trieste by Emperor Charles VI, on 17 March 2019 the Italian Commandery, under the proven leadership of Commander Dr Massimiliano Lacota, excellently organised a commemoration in Trieste.

The City Orchestra of Trieste conducted a concert which concluded with the Emperor's Anthem (“Kaiserhymne”), to open the celebrations.

In the "Church of the Habsburgs" (Chiesa della Beata Vergine del Rosario), HIRH Archduchess Gabriela gave an excellent overview of the person of Emperor Charles VI and the development of the free port. Commander Dr. Massimiliano Lacota then introduced those present to the history of Trieste, whereby the importance of the city among the Habsburgs as the centre of maritime events in the Danube Monarchy played a special role.

The Honorary Procurator referred to the contents of the Order, which do not focus on a revision of history that would never be possible, but rather on uniting those countries that have been connected for centuries, especially in a Europe that is growing together, and giving them a powerful voice in the EU.

The Church was filled to the last place, and when one observes the development of the Order in Trieste over the years, it is with joy that people from all strata of the population increasingly support the ideas of the Order - also a merit of our Commander Massimiliano!

Our Prelate Monsignor Canonico then conducted the Holy Mass in the Roman rite, which was accompanied both instrumentally and vocally by the musicians of the Order under the direction of our OR Elias and an excellent choir.

The Archduchess then took the time to sign numerous postcards referring to the foundation of the Free Port of Trieste.

The fine and sensitive way in which Archduchess Gabriela approached the people wherever she was is still the reason for the great sympathies that existed for the Imperial House, especially in Trieste. The Italian Commandery was almost completely present, so that the Order could once again consolidate its position in the public.

Dr. Norbert van Handel
Honorary Procurator