Charity action of the Dames in Croatia within the framework of Ukraine aid

Analogous to the campaign in Austria, the campaign for donations in kind and money for Ukraine was also organised in Croatia. The organisation and coordination of the project was supported from Austria by Gabriela Baroness Stimpfl-Abele (General Secretary), Mirjana Bosanac (General Secretary for Eastern and Southern Europe) and Sanela Countess Thun-Hohenstein (Liaison Lady Croatia). Our Dame Mrs Ana Jerkovic was very happy to take over the coordination and organisation of the project in Croatia.

Organisationally and factually, the Dames from the Commandery Kroatien – Zagreb participated in the project, namely Ms Koraljka Baricevic, Ms Ana Jerkovic, Dir. Dr. Valentina Keblar and Ms. Dir. Narcisa Krivacic, to whom we extend our sincere thanks. The wives of our Knights, who do not yet officially belong to the Dames of the Order of St. George, namely Dr. Nives Protrka (wife of our VB Dr. Nikola Protrka) and Mrs. Sanja Lepanovic-Pokupec (wife of our OB Mr. Goran Lepanovic), also participated with as much commitment as our invested Dames.

To complete the project, the husbands of our Dames, Vice-Commander Dr. Nenad Bosanac, Vice-Commander Dir. Sandro Baricevic, MBA, Dir. OB Dipl. Ing. Damir Keblar as well as OB Mag. Goran Lepanovic provided their maximum support for the organisation and handling of this project.

On March 13, 2022, Ms Ana Jerkovic was informed by the DoDo association (Mr Radovan Zapec), which is exclusively responsible for the transport to Ukraine on behalf of the Ukrainian Embassy in Zagreb, that the donation in kind had arrived in Ukraine. The receipt was also documented in writing.

Ana Jerkovic communicated with the Ukrainian Embassy and received a list of necessary medical items for the first aid and care of the wounded in Ukraine. Dr. Valentina Keblar and her husband organised the transport from the collection point of the Dames to the collection point with their company vehicle.

A total of 30 packages were collected and donated. The contents: sleeping bags, medical supplies (sterile bandages and sterile compresses), analgesics and paracetamol tablets (also syrup)  medical pads/bedding pads and wound healing gel.

We would like to thank all those involved above all for the rapid and expedient help for Ukraine!