Chapter meeting: The year 2020 is all about freedom

In the year 2020 the Order will “focus on the concept of freedom”, underlined our Grand Master HIRH Karl von Habsburg at the beginning of the open chapter meeting in the Knights’ Hall of the Residenz in Salzburg. It is essential for the exercise of freedom” not to have to do things one does not want to do: We will not be forced!” Here also a right understanding of what is “conservative” comes to bear, namely as “understanding of what worked in the past.” At present, there is no lack of attacks on freedom. For example, the “welfare state that wants to control everything” was problematic, the Grand Master noted. He countered the ever-growing political correctness with “intellectual honesty”, which “cannot be dictated”. In the following year, it will be important in any case to fill the concept of freedom with content.

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